Happy 4th of July!!

My name is Doreen Harunaga-Ewing.  

I am running for the USGenWeb Advisory Board SWSC County Coordinator Representative.

Currently I am 

     the HIGENWEB Honolulu County Coordinator:  Aug 2015 - present.

     the HIGENWEB Kalawao County Coordinator:  Apr 2018 - present.

     the HIGENWEB Assistant State Coordinator:  Sep 2018 - present.

     the USGenWeb Advisory Board Recording Secretary:  Oct 2016-31 Aug 2017; Aug 2018-present.

In 2006, I retired after working 20 years as a computer systems project manager for a large organization.  I took my projects through the various phases (defining requirements, seeking funding, contract awards, implementation) through to project completion and acceptance. 

Since retiring, I enjoy researching history around the times when the genealogical events took place because it gives a better perspective about why our ancestors did what they did.  For Honolulu County I have tried to incorporate some of the history of the historical events hoping that it would give visitors to the site a better understanding about our ancestors who immigrated to Hawaii. 

While I was researching history around the time of King Kamehameha I, I came across some information about sailing ships hiring Hawaiians to work on board their ships because they were hard workers and extremely good seamen.  And then I read about the Hawaiians at Fort Vancouver, WA.  One thing lead to another and soon was on the trail of the "Lost Hawaiians" of the Pacific Northwest.  Researching history is very interesting because you never know what knowledge it may lead you to.  I've recorded my findings of the "Lost Hawaiians" on the Honolulu County site, Pacific_NW_Hawaiians.

My distant cousin in Yokohama and I have been researching my roots for the last 12 years.  We correspond in Japanese and English.  Most of the genealogical documents obtained from the Japanese government are written in Japanese. The latest discovery is the location of where the first Madarashima ancestors (maternal ancestors) landed on the island (about 1815) when the family was fleeing government oppression of Catholics in Nagasaki.  It is fascinating because my great grandfather when he returned to live on Madarashima from Hawaii (about 1924) built his house on the cliffs along the same cove where his wife’s ancestors sought refuge.

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