Lucky me again.  I came across Dr. Momi Naughton, North Hawaii Education and Research Center (NHERC) Heritage Center Coordinator when I tracked down my father’s maternal uncle in Honokaa, HI.  Not only is she a mentor in the research of my paternal ancestors, but she has been able to share photos of my relatives donated to the museum to make them come alive for me.

Long ago, she wrote a draft timeline for my granduncle and shared it with me.  It has been the best thing to put every ancestor in perspective.  I have made one for my maternal grandfather taking it back to Minamoto no Toru in 822.  The timeline includes whatever I feel is relevant.  In my case the ancestors went through the invasion of the Mongols in 1274 and 1281 because the ancestors were privateers or as my cousin says suigun (Japanese Navy before the Meiji Era).

Genealogy is not only finding out dates of birth and death, but it is also the story of the ancestor.  In my case I chose to write about my maternal grandfather as the main character and everyone else’s story dovetailing into his story.  It is one gigantic undertaking I think, but worthwhile at the end.  This is a work in progress.

Important step is creating the TIMELINE.

Add current events of the period into the TIMELINE.

Add births/deaths, marriages of everyone connected to the main character.

Add any event you feel is important to the story you will be writing about your main character and his ancestors.


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