Family Search - Site has quite a few old records of Hawaii births and marriages

Family Search - Beginning Japanese Research; Some Japan Census Records, 1661-1875 (written in Japanese); Japanese Household Registration Records (Koseki)   

Hawaiian Journal of History - UH Manoa Library; mostly for background information

Hawaii State Archives Digital Collection - Arrivals to Hawaii prior to 1900, some marriage/birth/death indices  and other archival materials

Message Board on Roots Web - I leave a message on one of the provincial message boards and occasionally I get a response

UH Evols - Context information may be available in articals published in Hawaiian Journal of History or other publications on the site.

UH Plantation Archives - Hawaii Sugar Planters Association

US GenWeb Hawaii Cemetery Project - Island of Hawaii is the best populated; all the other islands are not as complete

ulukau - Hawaiian Genealogy Index; some marriage, divorce and deaths

General Resource Links:

Cyndislist - Go-to site for many family genealogists

History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy - HomeAdvisor Website.  There are a few broken links (Iʻm looking for someone on the site to report it to), but generally speaking, I found it to be a very informative site


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