What was happening historically may be interesting to research.  According to The Cambridge History of Japan Volume 1, the Japanese archipelago has been inhabited for about 100,000 years.  

My maternal grandfather’s paternal ancestors came into existence with the birth of Minamoto no Tōru (822-21 Sep 895) to Emperor Saga and the Court lady Ōhara no Matako (大原全子), daughter of Ōhara no Mamuro (大原真室).  ( )  According to some, the Lady Murasaki wrote about Minamoto no Tōru when she wrote The Tale of Genji.

Reading Japanese history from about 822 AD through to about 1915 when grandfather immigrated to Hawaii gave me some perspective as to the choices the ancestors made to survive.  I found reading Hawaii and US history in relation to how it affected Hawaii was relevant in understanding why both my grandparents made the choices they made.  In maternal grandfather’s case, it just seemed like others like his parents in his earlier years and my parents in the later years made irrevocable decisions by which he had to “live with” no matter what was happening in the politics of the time or his life. 

I prefer The Cambridge History of Japan Volumes because the history they write about flows from era to era.  History does not go from one discrete chunk of time to another.  The volumes are not cheap; however, if you buy second hand, you can save a lot.

I liked the William Griffis history books because he lived in Japan during the time when Japan was importing western teachers and technology.  Nothing like hands-on history.

The earliest arrival date for my ancestors to Hawaii is 1898.  Looking up the history of Hawaii during that era was eye opening.  It was the era of the end of the Republic of Hawaii and the beginning of being annexed to the US as a territory.  Congress passed the Newlands Resolution on 7 Jul 1898.  Hawaii acknowledged it on 12 Aug 1898; however, the Territory of Hawaii was not formally established until 14 Jun 1900.  (from , 2015-06-13 & )

Japanese History books that I've read in search of our ancestors.

   The Cambridge History of Japan, Vol 4, Early Modern Japan

   The Cambridge History of Japan, Vol 5, The Nineteenth Century

      (One of these days I'd like to own all the vols (vol 1-6), but they are pretty pricey)

   A History of Japan to 1334, Sansom, Stanford U

   A History of Japan, 1334-1615, Sansom, Stanford U

   A History of Japan, 1615-1867, Sansom, Stanford U

   The Mikado's Empire:  History of Japan from 660BC to 1872AD, William Griffis, Book I (free in Google)

   The Mikado's Empire:  Personal Experiences, Observations, William Griffis, Book II (free in Google)

   A History of the Japanese People from the Earliest Times to the End of the Meiji Era, Capt F. Brinkley, R.A. with collaboration of Baron Kikuchi (free in Google)

  Pirate of the Far East, 811-1639, Stephen Turnbull, 2007 Osprey Publishing Ltd



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