Emperor Saga  52nd emperor.  Rein 18 May 809 - 23 May 823.  49 children by at least 30 women.  Many of the 49 children received the surname Minamoto to remove them from royal succession.
Minamoto no Tōru  The article indicates that he was Emperor Sagaʻs grandson, but the article is in error.  Minamoto no Tōru was Emperor Sagaʻs son.

Watanabe no Tsuna  WATANABE no Tsuna was a handsome man like MINAMOTO no Toru and, as one of the four loyal retainers of MINAMOTO no Yorimitsu of the Settsu-Genji, who were descended from the Seiwa-Genji, he appears as a valiant warrior in the legend of his victory over the demon, Shuten Doji of Mount Oe-yama.  The descendants of WATANABE no Tsuna formed the 'Watanabe Party,' an armed group based in Watanabe no Tsu in Settsu Province, the seaport area at the mouth of the Kyu-Yodo-gawa River and were involved in the water transportation business in the Seto Inland Sea.  His kamon was the "mitsuboshi ni ichimonji" that was carried through my maternal grandfatherʻs family until Matsuo Hyōzaemon Kei.  When he gave both his sons as yōshi to Yamaguchi Kyuuemon Yasumasa, the kamon of the yōshi family was (is) "chigai takanoha".  So sad that the Watanabe kamon could not have been retained.
Matsura Hisashi  WATANABE no Hisashi, who was a WATANABE no Tsuna's  grandson, became shokan (administrator) of Uno no mikuriya (a manor of Imperial family and powerful shrines) in Matsuura district in Hizen Province, and took the name of MATSUURA Hisashi; Matsuura clan, who was the jito (manager and lord of manor) in Matsuura district, became a leading clan of the Matsuura naval faction in Hizen Province.  The descendants of WATANABE no Tsuna grew into a bushidan (warrior bands) called Watanabe-to or Matsuura-to, and since they were located at seaports, scattered everywhere in Japan as Suigun (warriors of the sea) and became the toryo (leader) of the Suigun in the Seto Inland Sea.
Matsura Museum in Hirado  Adobe flash player must be installed to navigate the site; also the site is in Japanese only.  
Abe no Seimei  The Japanese Merlin lived in the same era as Minamoto no Yorimitsu (Raiko) and the his four legendary retainers known as the Shiten'ō (The Four Guardian Kings). They were Watanabe no Tsuna, Sakata no Kintoki, Urabe no Suetake, and Usui Sadamitsu.
Movies Onmyōji and Onmyōji II are stories about Abe no Seimei.  The movies were fun to watch.

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