Here you will find information that Iʻve found that clarifies what happened historically that explains how my maternal family morphed through the many centuries from 822 AD to today.

I wondered how they managed to survive through the centuries.  Up until the great-great-grandfather and his brother were adopted into the Yamaguchi family from the Matsuo family, the family constant was the Watanabe no Tsuna kamon (三つ星に一文字).  No matter that they adopted new last names whenever they moved to a new job and/or place, they did not give up their kamon.  That made it easy for the assistant genealogist in Japan to track the family through the centuries.  Even if he cannot specifically say which specific person was the start of the next name change, he was able to track the name changes through tombstones of the family members buried together.

Watanabe no Tsuna kamon (三つ星に一文字)

Lynch pin was the Tashiro family graveyard in the back of the Tashiro homestead that contained tombstones of both the Tashiro and the Mine families.  Going backwards from there my assistant genealogist was able to trace the Mine family back to the Matsuura clan.  Going forward from the Tashiro family, he found that their sons were sent to Ookawano, Tatsukawa, and Ideno villages as shouya.  He also found that the son sent to Ideno-mura changed his last name to Matsuo.

The great-great-grandfather, Matsuo Zenjiro Susumu and his brother, Matsuo Reishi were adopted into the Yamaguchi family and adopted the Yamaguchi kamon (丸に違鷹羽).  The falcon was a symbol of the samurai from ancient times.

Yamaguchi kamon (丸に違鷹羽)

Matsuo Zenjiro Susumu became Yamaguchi Kyuuemon Yasuzane and his brother became Yamaguchi Reishi.

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