Jun 2002 Research Family Ancestry

Wrote to my Dad asking about our family tree and almost came up blank.  As always, if you want something done, you got to do it yourself.  I could find more just by cruising the phone books.  Unfortunately making a living and family obligations got in the way.  

Nov 2009 Restarting Research Family Ancestry
Let’s get serious.  Dabbling doesn’t work well.  It is up to me and my unusual deductive capabilities to try and piece this jigsaw together.  Mama is no help because she doesn’t know any of the relatives.  Likes to tell me about rumors and innuendos that I’ve long ago written off.  Seems Linda is interested; however, no contributions from that corner.  The fracture between the two siblings, Hisaye and Hisayuki kept the families in opposing corners for years.  Everyone knows what’s in their corner but nothing more outside the corners.  So sad.  

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LOL, 31 Dec 2009

Today, I found out that Grandfather Kyusaburo came to Hawaii in 1915.  The ship manifest states that he is 15.  He lived in Hawaii a lot longer than I thought he did and the age indicates that they were impressionable years.  This fact brings up more questions now then I had before about:  (1) Where/when did he learn kanbun (‘cause I remember he used to write letters (sort of I believe a pen-pal) to a Chinese man on Maui in kanbun)?  (2) How did he learn to speak, read, write English (‘cause he went to Citizenship class and graduated #1--none of today’s pampering; these classes were given in English.)?  (3) How did he learn to speak Hawaiian (‘cause I remember he and Miss Ethel Damen, a PhD in languages (Hawaiian), debating over the usage of certain words in Hawaiian)?  (4) Where did he learn to do Bonsai (he used to be well known throughout Oahu and Kauai for his knowledge on Bonsai)?  (5) What was his upbringing like?  (6) How did he learn about Bushido (‘cause he certainly tried to instill the best that he gleaned from the way of the warrior)?  (7) Where did he learn to ride horses?

Perhaps I understand better some of his comments like my friends and I used to make lots of money diving from the masts on the tall ships into Lahaina Bay to entertain the tourists.  Or, when I met my “future wife”, she reminded me of a cucumber ghost--skinny and really dark.  Oh, yuk.  (Guess in the eyes of a 15 year old, a child of 11, especially a girl can be rather yukky.)  Or, Grandfather Kyusaburo’s passion to allow his grandchildren to enjoy their childhood for as long as they could.

Madara-shima Project16 Apr 2010, write a letter to the Catholic Church on Madara-shima and request information on the Makiyama ancestors buried in the cemetery.  

6 May found an interpreter who says she’ll be able to translate our letter.

29 May, letter has been translated.  Will pick up next weekend.  Hiko will be gone this week on business.  Took letter to Mama, 30 May and she likes it, so, guess it is a go.  Bob thinks that we should donate $500 to the Church for the job to be done.

9 Jun Mama signed letter.

10 Jun From all indications, the best way to send funds to Japan is USPS International Money Order.  Probably make it out to the Madara-shima Catholic Church.  We’ll see how that goes.  Picked up USPS Money Order.

11 Jun 2010, mailed off $500 donation and letter to Madara-shima.

March 2011, Break Through
Funny for many months I felt like I was mired in quick sand.  No real information on any one.  Just spent months refining, rewriting with no real break though information.  Then one day, out pops Genzaburo Makiyama and Tanegoro Furusato’s immigration index (State of Hawaii Genealogy Archive site).  Whoo-hoo!  However, the date of arrival, 5 Dec 1899 adds another layer of mystery.  Grandfather Kyusaburo’s birth date was 28 Aug 1901.  Doesn’t anyone know math?

Little Progress
Have had some progress in tracing Grandfather Kyusaburo through the US City Directories 1821-1989 from Lahaina 1919-1930 to Lanai 1930-1935, 1936 he disappears from the City Directories, resurfaces in 1937 in Honolulu on S School Street, then returns to Maui 1938-1940.  I know that he was on Kauai in 1941 because that’s where he was during WWII.  Aliens didn’t have the privilege to move about freely.

46A S School Street
How funny life is...  From November 1993 - October 2006 we traveled on the Pali Hwy down to S School Street turning right at 46A S School Street.  If we had known we would have gone holoholo to that area to see where he could have had his barbershop.  The buildings haven’t changed much since those early days.  The Chun Hoon Market Place has changed drastically but the surrounding area has stayed the same.

January 30, 2012, Akira Makiyama
Received an Email from Mr. Makiyama in Omura city.  He is also researching his roots and wanted to know if we were family.  After a few correspondence Mr. Makiyama decided we were not related.  However, nice thing is he did connect up with his Tominaga relatives in Honmura on Madara-shima.

Interestingly enough, his Tominaga cousin looked up Reiko, mother’s second cousin on Madarashima and forwarded Mr. Makiyama the address.  Mr. Makiyama in turn Emailed the information in August.  

September 1, 2012, Wrote to Reiko Makiyama
Wrote a letter to Reiko to open lines of communications.

November 2012, Biggest Break Through
On 20 November 2012 received an Email from a Mr. Sadaaki Nishida of Yokohama, Japan in reference to the Madara-shima Project letter to the Catholic Church on Madara-shima.  Wow.  Can you beat that.

First things first.  Asked Mr. Nishida for Grandfather Kyusaburo’s birth date on his copy of the Kosekitohon.  Ha, ha, it is Aug 1900.  What a relief!

Harumi is on the Kosekitohon.  Finally found a birth and death date for him.  The lost child that Grandfather Kyusaburo mourned forever. 

January 30, 2013
We scored the Makiyama Kosekitohon!  Have it in the translator’s queue to be translated as soon as she gets back from her business trip.  The writing looks really clear on the 200% enlarged printout which should make it easier for the translator.  The Harunaga Kosekitohon was really smudged.

January 30, 2013
Reiko wrote back!  Mother was really happy.  Of course, sometimes I wonder how I can tell if she is happy??

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