Wishing for a Pinnochio...

...Until our triplets I never thought I'd wish that fairy tales would come true.  You see, our triplets are very special.  They were born with ears on the top of their heads and four paws and are not the same species as we are.  They are biologically Siamese cats.  Ten years ago, when I remarried, my husband knew I could not have children.  He asked me about keeping cats.  I replied that I had owned cats for 13 years in my previous marriages and they were a lot of work and required lots of dedication.  If we wanted good, smart cats we would have to be willing to provide them with a home like we would for children; otherwise, they would be ordinary.  He promised that he was willing to make the scrifices.

Kismet, we met another dedicated cat lover husband and wife while we were looking for a Siamese kitty for my parents.  They offered to breed their cat one more time so we couyld have the Siamese kittens we wanted.  On April 6, 1993, our triplets were born.  They were born quadruplets, but we took three and one was left with the mother so she'd not feel abandoned.

We dedicated a year without even an overnight off island to the triplets.  It has paid off with great royalty.  For Siamese cats theyt are not temperamental.  They have great respect for us and will do almost anything we ask of them.  I say almost because going to the Vet is not one of them.

Whenever I get a little morose, I think that our triplets will not grow older than a 2-3 year old child in their antics.  They would never grow up, graduate from college, marry and bring home in-laws and grand children.  We would have the sadness of seeing them by natural course die before we do.  But if fairy tales came true, our triplets would somehow be transformed into three lovely children that they ar and we'd all live happily ever after...

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