Sunday Mornings...

...Every Sunday morning we renew our bonds...

Starting at about 4:30 or 5:00, one by one the triplets show up in bed to claim their "snuggy" time.  Choi shows up first calling in a soft tone to ask if I'm awake.  If I answer "come, Sweetheart", she jumps up on the left side of the bed.  She likes to butt her head against my face and kiss me while I rub her tummy.  This lasts for about 10 minutes then she leaves to start her adventures for the day.

In another 30 minutes, Ming shows up calling softly to see if I'm awake.  If I answer "Come, Ming", he jumps up on the middle of the bed and proceeds down the middle to claim his spot on my right side, in the middle of the bed.  In his clumsiness, he manages to step all over Daddy so gets two-parent attention for the next 10-15 minutes.  When he has had enough, he bounces out of bed gto start his day of taking care of his sisters.

Roberta usually waits until both Choi and Ming are done with their "snuggies".  By this time it is usually early dawn and I see her looking with anticipation at my pillow from her perch across the room.  I invite her by making space on my pillow and saying "Mommy share".  She hurries down from her perch and comes to claim the inner half of my pillow.  Daddy is awake by now so Roberta gets her favorite, Daddy attention fora while.

So starts our week.  Now tell me, can it get better?  You better betcha!

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