Summer Time

...Remember how your Mom always said "Donʻt play in the mud"?  On really hot summer days my Ojiichan would gather all the neighborhood children and tell us to go home and change into our bathing suits and meet him back at our house.  By the time we came back, he had created an artificial mud hole for us to play in.  He would run the sprinkler slow enough to keep the mud hold going all afternoon.  At about 3:30 or 3:00 heʻd come back and hose us down so weʻd at least get the worse of the mud off.  Weʻd all go home to take our baths and reassemble at our house where my mother had musubi and fried chicken wings ready for our afternoon snack/dinner.

Ojiichan and mother kept track of all of us by creating these wonderful diversions so weʻd not get ourselves into trouble on those hot summer days...

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