Pinake Man

...Two or three times a week on our way home from the barbershop my Ojiichan would buy a sack of boiled peanuts for me from the Peanut Vendor.  This one day, the Peanut Vendor was either closing shop early or we were late.  According to my Ojiichan I ran after the Peanut Vendor asking him to wait.  I fell and hit my forehead on the pavement.  He says, I got up and purchased my bag of boiled peanuts.  The Peanut Vendor told my Ojiichan that maybe I should see a doctor to make sure that I was ok since there was a little pebble still imbedded in my forehead.

My Ojiichan took me to the clinic down the street and the doctor removed the little pebble.  By this time, my head had started hurting, so I started crying, but my Ojiichan said that I never let go of the bag of peanuts.

I still have a faint memory of the Pinake Man; none about the fall.  I do have a keepsake scar on my forehead as proof that the pebble was mightier than my head.

©June 2021 by hisiamone