My Baby Sitters

...My Ojiichan was schooled in the old Japanese Terakoya system.  Being a samurai was a way of life for him.  The difference between life and death was to always be vigilant. When I was born, he always felt that my fatherʻs side of the family would try to take me away.  My baby sitters were guard dogs he trained himself to watch over me.

My first boaby siteer was a German Short Hared Pointer name Prince.  According to my Aunties, he used to sit next to my carriage and show his teeth at anyone who spoke to me.  As I grew older, he would walk next to me like a shadow.  Even my uncle had a difficult time taking me for a walk because Prince did not like him.  Unfortunately, Prince had to be put down for biting someone who should have known better before I was two years old.

Throughout my childhood, my Ojiichan trained German Short Haired Points to watch over me.  I remember three of them, Beauty, Frosty, and Brownie.  He trained them and me to jog gtogether and do the high jumps.  Both Beauty and Frosty could jump over poles set at about five feet.  So, my Ojiichan thought that I should be able to do the same.

Whenever I see a German Short Haired Pointer, I still get a very warm and fuzzy feeling come over me.

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