Yamaguchi Kyuuemon Yasuzane

Timeline worked backwards from the birth of Genzaburo, circa 1879.  This much we know for sure.  Kyuemon and Shige had 8 children.  They called their house Kudamatsuya.

    Kyuemon Yamaguchi (circa 1844-1903)

        Shige NMN, wife (circa 1844-1881)

            Gengo Yamaguchi (circa 1860-1888)

            Kanehiko Yamaguchi (circa 1862-1929)

            Michi Yamaguchi (circa 1865-1931)

            Tsute Yamaguchi (circa 1868-1934)

            Shiki Yamaguchi (circa 1871-1938)

            Oe Yamaguchi (circa 1875-1941)

            Genzaburo Yamaguchi (circa 1879*-1937)

            Kiya Yamaguchi (circa 1881-1940)

(We’re not sure about this either from a snippet found in the 歴史書「東松浦郡史」 Rekishisho [Higashimatsuuragunshi] published 1925 that Mr. Nishida* found about funds donated to the Nagoya Palace when Kyuemon was 16.) When the feudal era ended, Kyuemon was given a very large sum of money to see him and his retainers for the rest of their lives.  Unfortunately, Kyuemon and his retainers started a whaling business at the suggestion of his cousin, by the name of Uchida, a banker? (not sure about this either, but in one of Ojiichan’s old stories, the banker later sold his bank to the Sumitomo? bank) in Saga.  [20 Mar 2011, per Mama, she thought the Uchida relationship was Kyuemon’s sister married Uchida and they had several children.  One named Fusataro Uchida used to visit with them on Madarashima.  He was a land surveyor for Sage Prefecture.  May be some truth in this because somehow Ojiichan’s lands were held in tact for him, an absentee landowner, after World War II.]  There is some historic connections to whaling and Ogasawara Nagakuni.  However, they lost all their funds through mismanagement by the banker.

I’m guessing that by the time the last two children were born, Shige was relatively old for a mother.  We know that the last two were given up to their Nanny, Kichi Makiyama and her husband, Kamezou for adoption in about 1883.

The family continued to live in Nagoya.  Kanehiko became a newspaper reporter and traveled throughout the Orient.  Gengo became a Saga Prefecture judge and died at an early age.  We’re not sure what happened to the rest with the exception of Kiya and Genzaburo.  When Mama visited the Grand-Aunts, Michi, Tsute, and Oye lived in the old homestead, Kudamatsuya.  (Mother withdrew the following line about Shiki-Obasan a month ago, Jan 2013, saying that the Obasan was Haru, Great Grandmother Natsu’s younger sister, who lived in the “Catholic Oheya” on Madarashima.  Oheya possibly meaning Nunnery?)  Shiki-Obasan worked at the Children's’ Home on Madarashima under Sister Debota who ran the place.  She died shortly before Mama came to Hawaii in 1939.

We do know the name of the cousin banker?, Uchida who swindled the great great grandfather.  However, time does not stop for anyone.  It flows through eternity.


    Mr. Sadaaki Nishida, relationship goes back to Great Grand-Aunt, Sui Makiyama.  Sui was married to Sadaaki-san’s ancestor, Noejiro.  Sadaaki-san has been doing a lot of research into old historic documents in hopes of finding clues to the who was Kyuemon, what did he do for a living, where did he come from and when did all this happen.  A very daunting task to be sure because we’re dealing with the mistress of vagary herself, Ms. Mary Hisaye (Makiyama) (Harunaga) Miyano.

    Date of Birth based on data found in the Immigration Index, and the 1910 and 1920 Census.  Normally I’d dismiss dates of birth given on the Census because there are so many erroneous information; however, in this case the dates of birth and age synch up on the three documents.  

    Dec 2012 per Sadaaki-san, according to the Makiyama koseki, Genzaburo was born in 1879.


    Bakumatsu (幕末) 1853-1867

        Tokugawa Bakufu

        1868 Boshin War

    Choshu Han, (Mori), Tozama Daimyo

    Yamaguchi Castle in Hagi was demolished in 1872

    Karatsu Han, (Ogasawara), Fudai Daimyo

    Maezuru Castle was demolished in 1872

    City of Kudamatsu still exists in Yamaguchi Prefecture & according to Mr. Nishida there is a footprint for an ancient castle there.

A Runaway (American Makiyama Roots 2)

Makiyama Genzaburo (牧山源三郎)

Freedom (American Makiyama Roots 3)

Makiyama Kyusaburo  (牧山久三郎)


Hizen Nagoya Castle

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