Most of the information Iʻve found on my paternal family comes from public information like newspapers and the North Hawai'i Education and Research Center Heritage Center, a culture-based museum located in Honokaa, Eileen "Momi" Naughton, Coordinator.   

The American Harunaga can be traced back to my grandfather, Manki Harunaga who came from Kumamoto Prefecture to work in the stables in Honokaa.  There he met the Okada family and like most immigrants they arbitrarily decided to create an adhoc family.  The Okada family consisted of Toshitaro Okada, Itoyo Okada and their 3 children, Shizuko, Yoshiko and Haruto.

My grandfather Manki managed the stables and eventually married Shizuko and they had three sons.  The first was Yoshiaki, who became a dentist.  He spent most of the war years in Chicago, IL.  The second was Toshio, my dad who was slated to becone a doctor and take over his uncle Haruto Okadaʻs practice in Honokaa, but he opted to become a lawyer and lived in San Jose most of his adult years.  The third was Shizuo.  He was born when his mother died in childbirth.  Shizukoʻs sister and her husband adopted him and moved to Los Angeles.

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