When I started looking for my ancestors, I really had no helping hands.  I joined when it was just taking baby steps.  Even then it offered lots of information about those with European ancestry, but very little for Asians.  In fact, even today, we Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Filipinos, etc are still lumped together as Asians.  I know and you know they are not lumped together, but according to them we all look alike.  Then there was the born in Hawaii thing.  

The first thing that I encourage you to do if you haven’t already is to become a member of or some Genealogy group site with access to US data like Census, Social Security Death Index and the City Directories (in my case specifically the Honolulu City Directories).  For those who live in California, you may be in luck and find information on marriages, births, and divorces.  For a certain period of time, California released genealogical records that were valid I believe into the 1970’s. 

I can’t figure out what makes information publishable on these genealogy webs.  Like the Census there is the 72 year law.  I believe Hawaii birth certificates have the same length of time; however I have not tested the rule.

What I publish here is what I’ve learned in the last 12 years of research.  The techniques worked for me.  Everyone’s road is different but some of the websites containing genealogical data may be of some help.

I am currently working on writing my family genealogy.  After 12 years of research it is time to write the story.  My maternal cousin in Yokohama will continue to research my maternal ancestors because he is intrigued as to who they were.  

The Matsūra Historical Museum now has English pages.  We are all descended from Watanabe no Tsuna, aka Minamoto no Tsuna!  

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